Perbandingan Antara Penapis Air Coway & Cuckoo

Menjadi perdebatan hangat antara penapis jenama yang mana satukah yang lebih baik di antara kedua jenama terkenal ini. Coway & Cuckoo tidak dinafikan merupakan jenama yang tidak asing lagi, masing-masing mempunyai kekuatan yang setanding. Ia berbalik kepada, apakah keperluan anda dan anda memegang mazhab yang bagaimana. Di sini penulis ingin merungkaikan perbezaan terbesar antara kedua-dua jenama hebat ini.


Penapis air Coway datang dengan 3 jenis tapisan yakni mineral, alkali dan jugak osmosis songsang untuk memenuhi semua jenis keperluan pengguna. Namun Coway lebih menekankan penapis air osmosis songsang dan mempunyai lebih banyak unit berbanding penapis jenis tapisan lain. Penapis air osmosis songsang Coway menapis 6 peringkat sehingga 0.0001 mikron, tapisan paling maksimum dengan tidak meninggalkan mineral, unsur berbahaya walau sedikitpun. Air yang tertapis merupakan air yang paling bersih bermolekul lembut mudah untuk diserap badan.

Perdebatan hangat berlaku apabila ramai menyangkal bahawa badan juga memerlukan mineral penting daripada air. Namun hujah Coway mengatakan, badan manusia sememangnya memerlukan mineral, tetapi lebih kepada mineral di dalam sayuran dan buah-buahan. Untuk memulihkan ketegangan perdebatan ini, Coway turut mengeluarkan penapis mineral Neo & Harry untuk mereka yang bermazhab manusia memerlukan air bermineral.


Cuckoo pula tampil dengan semua penapisnya dengan tapisan mineral dengan alkali ringan untuk menyaingi Coway. Berbanding perlu mengeluarkan sebanyak RM7500 untuk penapis alkali Coway, anda boleh dapatkan penapis beralkali Cuckoo dengan harga serendah RM 2000. Rangkaian penapis Cuckoo kesemuanya mengikut piawaian yang ditetapkan World Health Organization (WHO), dari sudut pH, kandungan air, keperluan badan manusia dan sebagainya. Cuckoo sebenarnya sangat bijak untuk memenangi hati pengguna dengan menggunakan standard WHO dalam menghasilkan rangkaian penapis air mereka.

Jadi, di antara kedua jenama ini, yang manakah sepatutnya menjadi pilihan anda? Sebenarnya terpulang, kedua-duanya baik untuk kesihatan keluarga anda. Lebih baik dari minum air paip yang tercemar, atau penapis jenama lain yang diragui tahapan teknologinya.

March 2017 | Beijing Spring Travelogue

So I was spending my summer this spring in Beijing, China. There’s so much to tell I won’t be enough to fit in few hundred words. But here’s a short note during my travel.

Beijing being the capital of PRC has a terrific old and social background to represent. It has been over 800 years since Beijing has been announced the capital city of China. While in the year 2008 when Beijing hosted the 2008 Olympics Sports, it started inviting travelers and people from different countries. Beijing travel then became famous at international level.

For those who have come for Beijing for a vacation, don’t forget to go to China’s Great Wall. The Great Wall of China is easy to visit even if you came to Beijing to get the trip of a day. You can travel with a tour bus, public bus or rent a car to drive directly to the Great Wall. It is quickest hence that’s why it’s preferred.


The Beijing travel can begin in the Tiananmen Square where the fantastic Mao announced the inspiration of the country. This location is significant enough to allow for 1 million people. It’s the centre where the downtown Beijing lies.

Explore the Forbidden City, for discovering the old architect of the city. It was a Chinese imperial structure which served as being a home towards the Emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasty.

It is always beautiful to tour to Beijing at any time of the year. The spring season starts from May from April and it is colouful. The heat inside night along with the evening is different. Summer starts from the middle of June. It’s the peak season of the year when tourist floods in. Next comes autumn which begins from the mid of September and goes till October. It’s the optimum time to come to explore Beijing. You will also find loads of tours during this time of the season. The temperature is enjoyable and moderate. Winter will be the last time of the year obviously which begins from November and continues till March.

There’s a great deal to find and explore in Beijing. There are almost 7,309 cultural heritage sites while 200 scenic areas in the city. After exploring the city, it’s no problem finding a coach and journey towards exploring the Great Wall of China. The Fantastic wall as we know was built for that safety of the Chinese Empire. There are lots of myths regarding the Great Wall of China and that is one reason folks are interested to see it.

If you ask me which tour guide company I chose, check out these guys Jelajah China that are based in Malaysia. They do speak fluent english, you just need to contact them and ask. The main reason I don’t choose travel agency from my own country is that I can get a cheaper cost with them, plus there are no  tourist trap traveling with these guys, they’re student in Beijing, so they know how to find some loopholes. Chinese goverment are well known for restricting tourist to go to some must-buy-or-you-can’t-go shopping places which is really annoying. Also see their Beijing itinerary: bercuti di beijing. Also checkout their blog, melancong ke beijing blog.

Oh if ya’ll could’t see much in photos, why not watch a brief video on sping in Beijing. Enjoy.