Leonardo Who?

It’s Leonardo Padura, not di Caprio.


Hi! Welcome to my blog! I’m so glad you’re here.

Encourage others to be in the kitchen since I started this blog few years ago to share my recipes. I’m here to assist you try new edge in life and put in a little international flavor into your everyday activities.

I really like to make easy and delicious dishes inspired by places throughout the world. Most of my recipe inspiration arises from my traveling abroad.

Here some little things about me:

  • I reside six acres outside Portland, Oregon, but I’m only home after I run out of time or money to travel.
  • I make my own beer!
  • I really like to watch documentary. I watch the National Geographic series in full at least once each year.
  • I openly wept at the launch of the newest Star Wars movie.
  • I’m recently divorced. Guess you didn’t see that one coming!
  • I have four tattoos, three of which may or may not be Egyptian hieroglyphics that likely don’t
  • mean what I think they mean.
  • Our two cats, Tisa and Kito, are the personalities of my snapchat bill along with my life.
  • I simply turned to 52 this year and freaking out like 82%.
  • I studied pharmacy as an undergrad.
  • I’ve a master’s level in Business Administration. I really do use that shit, though.
  • I practice yoga and meditation.
  • In two months I will be enjoying 12 months of keeping my houseplants alive.